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Decoiler Segura Llunell DVM 5 PE 1000 Kg.

General Specifications:

  : ME0440114
  Type: Decoiler
  Manufacturer: Segura Llunell S.A.
  Model: DVM 5 PE
  Manufacturing date: 1998

Decoiler Segura Llunell DVM 5 PE 1000 Kg.
Decoiler Segura Llunell DVM 5 PE 1000 Kg.
Decoiler Segura Llunell DVM 5 PE 1000 Kg.
Decoiler Segura Llunell DVM 5 PE 1000 Kg. Decoiler Segura Llunell DVM 5 PE 1000 Kg.

This decoiler is used to power strip to eccentric presses and machine tools .

This decoiler is vertical type . The shaft is mounted on two ball bearings , which gives great smoothness of rotation, in the end thereof carrying an adjustable brake to prevent abrupt unwinding .

This reel is equipped with expandable mandrel system that is adjustable to the inner diameter of the rolls , by means of a spindle driven by a special key . Unwinding is effected automatically by an electronic probe.

The decoiler to get going, unroll a loop forming material , the material , playing with the mass of the probe to the gear motor. The implementation thereof is effected automatically by means of a potentiometer .

These reels can also be used for winding the cut .

Under special demand can be supplied with an electronic speed controller .

Year : 1998

Maximum outside roll diameter : 1450 mm

Minimum outside diameter roll : 1200 mm

Interior maximum roll diameter : 630 mm

Minimum inside diameter roll : 400 mm

Maximum width of the strap: 400/500 (no side limiters )

Height from floor to center of axle : 880 mm

Speed: 20 rpm

Maximum roll weight : 1000 kg

Gear motor Power : 0.75 KW

Weight: 430 kg

Machine Volume: 1.7 m3

Decoiler Segura Llunell DVM 5 PE 1000 Kg.


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