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On-site management

Management in the dismantling of factories and sub-hiring of technical resources. Once the selling phase of the assets is finished, it is essential the perfect coordination of all the companies involved to be able to comply with the final aims; quality at work, staff security and punctuality in the execution times. To take care of these points, a professional will be at the disposal who willl have as a sole responsibility the compliance of the planned achivements.


Disassembly of machinery made by expert selected personnel according to its technical qualification for the kind of machines to work with.The costs of disassembly shall be pre-arranged beforehand prior to the selling process so that this can be done in a quicker way.

Machinery transfer

With the aim of complying with the pre-arranged term by the seller for the selling of machines, our company will economically assess and hire the necessary lifting means for the loading and the transport to its final destination. It will be paid as soon as all the information is available which refers to the measures and weights of the machines. Should there are any, we, ourselves, will make the Packing List of the goods.

Assemble of machinery

The buyer will have the possibility of hiring with our company a TURN-KEY project which will enable to have a guarantee over the perfect start of the machines at its final destination, apart from having beforehand closed the final price for the implementation project of the buying on his premises.


We put at the disposal of our customers a storage space on the premises of Machines 4 World where they can temporarily place their machines. May be of interest in the following cases:

  1. The liquidation deadline has expired and it is necessary to dismantle and to take the machines out of the premises.
  2. You have bought machines for your future premises that are nor built yet and need a temporary warehouse.
  3. You need to take the machines out of your premises but still wish to fully keep the possibilities of making a good sale. We store and run your sale.


Used Industrial Machinery

M4W is a company formed by a young and dynamic team of professionals with a 100% technical and commercial training in the field of Industrial Engineering and it has a long proven experience in different sectors of activity related to the manufacturing and the industrial world in general.

The most important aspects of its human capital are the high technical ability, the broad experience in project management of sales and liquidation of industrial assets as well as a deep industry knowledge and skills when it comes to designing the sales force that best suits the needs of the project.

Liquidation of factories
Liquidation of factories

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