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Physical inventory of assets.

Quick and efficient identification of each one of the assets put up for sale. One professional of our team, specialized in business, will travel to make a quick and efficient identification of each of your assets required for its sale.

Documentation of equipment for sale and assessment.

Machines 4 World shall be responsible for collecting relevant specifications of the asset like technical documentation and even speaking with manufacturers in order to recover it in case of lost, photograph the equipment and conduct market research to assign a feasible value of sales. Later we will make strategic recommendations.

Management for the sale of obsolete assets on site and liquidation of completed industrial processes.

M4W acts as a mediating broker in the sale of machinery that for different reasons does not fit in the productive future of the factory.

- Internal within the same Group. Through a safe area, exclusively intended for the use of the authorised users, the big organizations that have several productive sites, will have the possibility of getting even greater returns of its assets. Our specialized team will coordinate the management of offers and demands and will take charge of all the paperwork needed for its implementation. We will even be able to collaborate in the re-setup of the new layout resulting from the changes.

- Free market. Our marketing and publicity platform, through our Web and BB.DD,will make arrive the compiled information to the highest number of potencial buyers in the shortest period of time by negotiating with the sufficient technical and economical weapons that allow us to reach the final goal, which is to complete the sale.

Valuation of machines and waste materials for production that will be destined to its destruction and recovery.

We recommend the strategy to be followed and manage the process as a final step of the liquidation.

Management of the project.

Our company will send an agent who will coordinate in the name of your company the following services:

  • Accompaniment of the customer in the pre-purchase inspections.
  • Compilation and handover to the customer of aditional technical information to facilitate the sale.
  • Prices of both the equipment and services that provide economic information for the achivement of the sale(disassembly, cranes, transport, packaging, repairs, retro fitting, assembly at destination etc)
  • After sales department to coordinate the delivery of purchases including preparation, loading and shipping.
  • Stock updates within the database.
  • Supervision of demolition and removal of equipment.
  • Management of pollutants and hazardous waste


Used Industrial Machinery

M4W is a company formed by a young and dynamic team of professionals with a 100% technical and commercial training in the field of Industrial Engineering and it has a long proven experience in different sectors of activity related to the manufacturing and the industrial world in general.

The most important aspects of its human capital are the high technical ability, the broad experience in project management of sales and liquidation of industrial assets as well as a deep industry knowledge and skills when it comes to designing the sales force that best suits the needs of the project.

Liquidation of factories
Liquidation of factories

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