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listing of second-hand industrial machinery

Manufacturer Model
CA0120216 JCB 80/1269/EEC 160 2006
CA0110116 LINDE 1996
CA0100114 Linde E16C 2004
Mitsubishi Electric Stacker SBP16N 2007 CA0091213 Mitsubishi SBP16N 2007
Dalmec weightless handling up to 80 kg CA0071012 Dalmec Partner 2006
Lifting platform up to 70 kg Protema Microlift PRO 70 CA0061012 Protema Microlift PRO 70
SMA-U 1000 kg for lifting pallets extraflat platforms CA0051012 SMA, Sistemas de manipulación asistida SMA-U.1000.1
Electric pallet jack CROWN 2.0GPW-3-3  2.000 kg CA0040212 CROWN 2.0 GPW-3-3 1.988
Sit-on reach electric forklift  Nichiyu FBRFW15-SB50-500M CA0030212 NICHIYU FBRFW15-SB50-500M 1.993
Electric forklift CLARK EPM 30 N, 3,000 kg CA0020212 CLARK EPM 30 N 1.989
Fork-lift truck diesel DAEWOO DOOSAN D25S-3 of 2500 Kg capacity CA0010112 DAEWOO D25S-3 2003
listing of second-hand industrial machinery


Used Industrial Machinery

M4W is a company formed by a young and dynamic team of professionals with a 100% technical and commercial training in the field of Industrial Engineering and it has a long proven experience in different sectors of activity related to the manufacturing and the industrial world in general.

The most important aspects of its human capital are the high technical ability, the broad experience in project management of sales and liquidation of industrial assets as well as a deep industry knowledge and skills when it comes to designing the sales force that best suits the needs of the project.

Liquidation of factories
Liquidation of factories

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